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Creative Collective organizes & coordinates promoters, hosts, hostesses & event staff. We have a wide variety of people on our books. Our focus is on event staff that will assist in creating a memorable impression. After all, it is the event staff that is your first point of contact with your target market & we all know first impressions lasts. Have a look at some of our work & also the inspiration that moves us!
Enjoying the winning vibe at Fourways Mall. #CreativePromoters #CreativeCollective #FourwaysMall

Enjoying the winning vibe at Fourways Mall. #CreativePromoters #CreativeCollective #FourwaysMall

Today's version of the cigarette girl . Innovative Buffet Trends for your next party! Here is a wonderful example how food has changed from being something you eat to being fun and artistic.

♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ thank you. i have the best high quality and pampered life and i have the best service and i have the best experiences at the best high quality restaurants in the World.

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Young smiling waiter with empty tray

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