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This Artist Takes Bubble Art To the Next Level
Watercolor Night Sky
Paint the town? Nah, the only thing we're painting is the sky.
Brit + Co
How amazing are these next level moving mechanical nail art ideas, adding a 3D edge to your manicure?!
Gestalte farbenfrohe Leinwände mit geschmolzenen Wachsmalstiften.
Mit Wachsmalstiften und einem Fön machst du dieses wunderschöne Bild von buntem Regen.
an image of some art work with many different colors and patterns on it's surface
The coolest thing you can create with skrews!
three pictures showing how to make an art project with legos and colored paper on the floor
This guy is amazing!!😳😳
three pencils with the eiffel tower on them
The Carved Pencil Sculptures of Salavat Fidai
four different pictures with the same person holding something in one hand and an object in the other
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an avocado and some nuts are being held in their hands
Artisan Carefully Carves Avocado Pits into Fantastical Figures of the Forest
Jan Campbell creates her small carved sculptures out of an unconventional material: avocado stone.
an apple sitting on top of a table next to a pen
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Apple carving anyone? ______________________________________________________ Follow: @arts.bliss ______________________________________________________ Artist: DM for credit Repeat from. @boredpanda WANT A GUARANTEED FEATURE? VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.arts
Acrylic Pyramid
This simple painting technique yields colorful results with DIY charm! Watch how to get crafty with your wall art, here.
Brit + Co
It doesn't get cooler than glitter painting
someone is drawing different hairs on paper with colored pencils and crayon markers
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