Get the Lingo; South African Slang - Even with 11 official languages, South Africans still manage to communicate pretty well. Most of us speak English, but it’s a good idea to learn the local slang, which is sometimes a mix of several languages. South African slang has a unique flavour, borrowing freely from Afrikaans, a language similar to Dutch and Flemish.

South African Rugby fan, with little springbok on the hat. The South African national rugby team is called: 'The Springboks'

south africa

Being South African means we are blessed to speak at least two languages…


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Bumpy South African humour....

The power of a few chosen words ! Let's start the new year with a smile, shall we ?

Angry Birds - African syle!

Africa is amazing and funny place. Be careful while you travel in Africa, you may be faced to real angry birds. Check out the funny image of Africa style .