Common starling | Sturnus vulgaris -  feeds on a wide variety of insect prey as well as fruits and seeds and competes against indigenous species for the same resources. Problem in Western and Eastern Cape, and into Northern Cape, Free State and KwaZulu-Natal." from
Common Myna | Acridotheres tristis  A medium-sized chocolate-brown bird, with a yellow beak, eye patch, feet and legs. The head, throat and tail are black, with the tail having white tips and white undertail feathers. The large white patches in the wings are noticeably visible when the bird is in flight. Native to India, central and southern Asia. These birds compete for the same resources as indigenous species.
Red water fern: Azolla filiculoides  rapidly cover an open water surface and severely degrade aquatic ecosystems. These dense mats of red fern reduce light penetration and causes de-oxygenation, having a significant affect on organisms living below the water surface. This results in reduced quality of drinking water caused by bad odour, colour and turbidity.
Invasive clearing in Cape Town: Khayelitsha.    Sections of the EersteKuils River as well as wetlands alongside high-density housing suburbs in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, were the focus of an inter-departmental project between the departments of Transport, Roads and Stormwater, City Parks and the Invasive Species Unit (ISU).
Clearing invasive red valerian in Clovelly.    ‘Not in my backyard’ (NIMBY) is the name of a hack group that is tackling invasives in the Cape Town suburb of Clovelly. They are particularly sensitive about the invasive red valerian (Centranthus ruber), which has 'jumped the garden fence' and is now invading the fringes of the Table Mountain.
Common peacock | Pavo cristatus  The common peacock male is large in size, with head plumes, blue body and massive “eyed” tail, while the female has a whitish face, green neck, mottled upper breast and white lower breast and belly. They come from Asia (Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka), and naturalised populations are distributed in some parts of South Africa (mainly in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces).
Quilted malania | Tarebia granifera -  Found in flowing and still water, including rivers, dams, ponds and reservoirs. May compete against indigenous snails and disrupt natural processes in aquatic systems.
Mediterranean mussel | Mytilus galloprovincialis - form dense beds on intertidal rocks displacing indigenous mussels and other small marine species.
Mallard | Anas platyrhynchos - detrimental to indigenous water birds as they are capable of interbreeding with the yellow-billed duck (Anas undulata). from

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