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Cathren de bruyn

Cathren de bruyn
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how to know if something is really wrong with your body and when to go to the doctor #health

Heartland Urgent Care is a state of the art clinic, bringing you the healthcare you need when unexpected illness strike! No appointment needed.

What-Does-200-Calories-Look-Like. 8 Dinners Under 200 Calories. #cleaneating #healthy #food #lowcalorie

What 200 calories looks like. Such a good guide! Just remember 200 calories from eggs, cheese, or fruit are not the same kind of calories as from soda, fast food and candy. FIY There are good ones and bad ones. Eat the good ones!

I shall no longer allow negative thoughts or feelings to drain me of my energy. Instead I shall focus on all the good that is in my life. I will think it, feel it and speak it. #affirmation ♥ #positive #life #quote

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HAPPINESS is...when your mother is one of your best friends. #Happiness #Mother #Quotes

HAPPINESS is.when your mother is one of your best friends. I totally agree that happiness is when you have daughters grow up to be your best friend!

Rep Fitness supplies equipment for CrossFit, weightlifting equipment, and home gym equipment. Weight lifting equipment for home gyms and commercial facilities. CrossFit gear for home gyms and for affiliates.

Friendship or relationship

Friendship or relationship

I need a poster of this to pin to my ceiling so it's the first thing I see in the morning. Haha!

You are what you eat. So dont be fast, cheap, easy or fake. recipes clean eating nutrition healthy weight loss veggies no junk support help protein shake juicing get fit

Remember how...before making another unhealthy choice

Remember how: Your clothes don't fit. Your body feels sluggish. Your skin doesn't glow. You don't have energy. You want to feel beautiful. You regret what you areYou're wishing you worked out. You wanted to change. Before making another unhealthy choice.