101+ Cool Raspberry Pi Projects For Electronics Students

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At CES 2017, the frenzy over self-driving cars is palpable


Amazon’s Alexa app store hits 3,000 “skills,” up from 1,000 in June


Garrard 301 Compact Dual Tonearm Plinth in Wenge by Woodsong Audio

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My printable robot arm is inspired by the well known industry robots, but printable. The goal is to develop a open source robot arm to use in private or small businesses and make robot development available for every one. The arm should lift about 2 kg enough to perform every day tasks. Currently robot arms are expensive or small and weak, or clumpy. Industrial robots are expensive and dangerous and for that not suitable for using at home or schools. A Open Source printable robot can bu...

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Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor) #robot #robotics

Small unmanned aircraft could be less expensive and safer to use than manned aircraft. #drone #uav #fly

AMBIT Laser Cladding AM Device Wins Largest 3D Printing Award in History, $100,000

amazing what you can print!.Join the 3D Printing Conversation: Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

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Facebook Community Development: How to Cultivate Loyal Fans featuring insights from Holly Homer on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Intel Core I3-4160 Processor 3.60 GHz, 2-Core LGA1150 Socket, Hyper-Threading (BX80646I34160)

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