Johannesburg at dusk

Buy or license direct from the photographer this stunning image of : Hillbrow With 269 M Strydom Tower At Dusk Johannesburg , Gauteng South Africa


Baie Kapenaars is maar skrikkerig vir Jozi, maar dis 'n stad wat ek regtig geniet. In 2014 wil ek al die uithoeke van Johannesburg leer ken.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa Very large and quite impressive painted cooling towers


Experience FNB Stadium in Johannesburg take on an ethereal quality at night ~ with the lights shining through the clear shapes of the calabash sides, it's a real steel masterpiece.


Johannesburg flew 19 hours to get here, then 8 hr. bus ride to Mozambique!

ROA New Mural In Johannesburg, South Africa

ROA // Johannesburg, South Africa (can be seen on top of the Revolution House in the Maboneng District, Johannesburg)

Maboneng Precinct  - The arts gentrification of a Johannesburg neighborhood

Maboneng Precinct

Johannesburg University

Johannesburg University, Geoffrey graduated from this university and did his CA honors here.