VW Hatchback car camper conversion ideas

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an image of the rules for camping and clothing
the text on the phone is clearly visible for us to see in this screenshot
an iphone screen showing the instructions for cooking with ovens and other items on it
the only car camping checklist you'll need
Before the RV, Lucas and I were avid car campers. We'd pack everything into our Mini Cooper and hit the road! With such a small space, we had to keep our camping checklist to a bare minimum. So, we're sharing with you our camping necessities for a car camping vacation. Click through to get our list! Printable included.
three pieces of paper on top of a wooden table covered in notes and drawings,
the interior of a vehicle that has been vandalized with wood and metal trim
Camper Car, Conference Room Table
an overhead view of a wooden table with metal bars on the bottom and wood flooring
the back end of a car with surfboards strapped to it's trunk in a garage
the inside of a vehicle with some metal bars on it
the inside of a car with an electronic device on it