Cassandra Richardson

Cassandra Richardson

Cassandra Richardson
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Make music

Cross curricular - Music with water - different amounts of colored water in tall glass -> gently tap glass to hear musical notes made.

Lovely idea for a birthday 'chart' at Nature's "verjaardagskalender".....;)

Lovely idea for a birthday 'chart' at Nature's Play Preschool -Pegasus (",).but will use slat pcs to creat simple triangle tree shape

Switching from letters made from plasticine to using wire. We'll see how the children work with this art medium.

This can be used as a build a word option on literacy menus"What Words Can You Make With." Switch out the materials every 2 weeks.

Everybody Needs A Rock: Classifying Sorting » Playful Learning

Sort by weight, color, and size. Thinking this could be fun to extend for the Moh's scale and other mineral ID. I will use this idea in my classroom.