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a basket with yarn and knitting needles in it on the floor next to a door
Knitting Pattern ~ Entangle Basket ~ Knitting Pattern
Designer Spotlight: The Best Knit & Crochet Patterns By Deja Joy | KnitHacker
crocheted basket being made with yarn and knitting needles to make it look like an object
24 Best Image of Crochet Baskets Free Patterns -
24 Best Image of Crochet Baskets Free Patterns . Crochet Baskets Free Patterns Hemp Basket Free Crochet Pattern Written Instructions And Video
a crocheted basket sitting on top of a bed
Spa Basket, Large pattern by Bernat Design Studio
Ravelry: Free Spa Basket (Large) pattern in super bulky cotton by Lily Sugar'n Cream and Bernat Design Studio
a basket with yarn in it sitting on the floor
easy knitted box basket.
two white baskets sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a brown couch and pillows
Jumbo Yarn Knitting Patterns
Free Knitting Pattern for Sandhills Basket - These baskets are soft and flexible with just enough firmness. The pattern can be adapted to any size basket using jumbo yarn, 2 strands of super bulky yarn, or upholstery cording as shown. Finished Measurements of Small (Large) Baskets: Circumference: 32 (47)” 81 (119)cm, Diameter: 12 (15)” 30.5 (38)cm, Total Height: 10 (13)” 25.5 (33)cm. Designed by Winnie Marie Designs.
a teddy bear in a crocheted bag hanging on a wall
One Piece Fold and Seam Knitting Patterns
Free knitting pattern for Toy Hideaway Hanging Bag - This adorable pattern is knit in garter stitch and folded around a stick or a branch. The pattern is in German but you can translate by opening the page in the Chrome browser, right clicking on the text on the page and selecting Translate to English. However, you can probably easily figure it out without translation.
two crocheted baskets sitting on top of a table
Miękkie sploty na jesienne dni.
Knit Basket Inspiration!
the yarn is next to a roll of twine and a crochet hook
The best of t-shirt yarn is how fast you progress. Lo mejor del trapillo es que avanzas muy rápido.
a hand holding a crocheted pot holder over a wooden table with scissors and yarn
Lady Crochet
Lady Crochet. The snakeskin-like pattern on this kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies, but the effect is awesome. Her blog has a lot of cool ideas for baskets, rugs, wreaths and more (in Spanish-- google translate)
a knitted basket with yarn and knitting needles in it on a wooden table next to a wall
I’m a messy person with a lot of random tools laying around my home. Most of the time I need to have them at hand, but every now and then they need to be out of sight. Piilo means a hiding place in Finnish, and the basket is designed for that purpose: the edge of the basket is curved, so you can’t see everything inside. Piilo will sit in your bookself quietly, looking all cute and innocent while you drink coffee with your parents who admire your talents in keeping the home organized.Sizing: ...
an image of a cat laying on top of a table
Вязаные сумки со схемами и без
модель сумки 0092
three baskets sitting on top of a wooden table
Family of Baskets
My family of baskets: small, medium and large! - How to crochet baskets