Trophy Hunting in Africa

If you sign then the population of wild animals will be back to where they were before trophy hunting. signatures on petition)

Luxury African Safaris

Origin Regions of Zulu is the native language of the Zulu people who, with an estimated 9 million members, are the largest ethnic group in.

Luxury Primate Tracking Holiday and Game Safari

12 Incredible Places To Visit In Berlin in 2016

Zimbabwe Safaris

We providing a Lonely Planet of African safari park travel combine with popular adventure travel, honeymoon relation, culture and unexpected wilderness landscape.

This is the last post of the series unique and charm South Africa. Last week posting is about the South Africa religion and beach tours.

Go on a lion wildlife safari tour to experience african wildlife holidays. The most popular lion african safari destinations are Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

To Catch a Rhino: Capturing Animals

The team moves a tranquilized Southern White Rhino —showing the wide, square lip characteristic of white rhinos — into position at the ramp of a capture crate.

Game on South African safari

12 Incredible Places To Visit In Berlin in 2016

Wild Coast in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Located in the Eastern Cape province, Port Elizabeth is one of South Africa’s largest cities, and forms part of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

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