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13 interesting things you need to know about having sex on your period

When it comes to having sex on your period, you probably have very strong opinions for or against it. When I was younger, I used to think that period sex was messy and, to be honest, kind of gross.

some cool printables for school!!!

celines-studyblr: I need to finish this until. celines-studyblr: “I need to finish this until Friday 😁 The printable is from theorganisedstudent 💕 ”

Graphic picture showing a beat-up women to raise awareness of abuse. Shows the seriousness of the subject.

Anne had not known abuse, as of late. That moodiness stopped thirty years ago. The feel of the tired shag carpeting, as it lay beneath her side. The texture of the fake wood that held up her dress…

I love this hair cut

Honey golden brown to blonde ombre melt: gorgeous low maintenance hair color. Honey golden brown to a stunning bright blonde. Love ombré hair, so pretty! Hairdressers soon I think :)