A Baya weaver (Ploceus philippinus) builds a nest in a betelnut tree on the outskirts of Guwahati city, north-east India. Weavers are known for their elaborately woven nests, which are built by the males

Tony DeFreitas South Africa

Painting of Cape Dutch simple by Tony de Freitas -- Cape Dutch painting, acrylic


100 acres in the middle of no where with a barn, log cabin, windmill and a few head of cattle life would be awesome!

From epic coastlines and colorful architecture to penguin-filled beaches and vibrant coral reefs, the entire country deserves to be explored, but here are our picks for the 20 most beautiful places in South Africa.

The 20 Most Beautiful Places in South Africa

Missing the Motherland - My Africa

When I went to Africa my heart was whole. When I left Africa, I left half my heart behind. I now have 2 homelands, 2 places my heart loves and longs to be! sepia-print by Olivia Boyd.