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the letter k is shown in white on black
Aimeric on Instagram: “X. #36daysoftype #36days_x #36daysoftype09 @36daysoftype #fkndesign #goodtype #thedailytype #lettering #graphicdesign #calligraphy…”
a woman making a funny face with the words michelle becker above her head
Michelle Becker– Logo Design, Typography
A subtle hint of script type on a fairly bold san serif Helvetica to design the brand logo for a LA based talent agency by Studio Gray Lab
the letter o is shown in black and white, with an oval on it's side
Taste of Earth Branding Project
Taste of Earth Branding Project on Behance
the word oh my is written in white on a pink background with a lightning bolt
a black and white sticker with the words work hard written in large letters on it
Mountdesign: I will create 3 flat minimalist logo design for your business for $15 on fiverr.com
the words punch bar are black and white
Gut Punch
New Logos and Packaging for Onnae & Punch Bar by GrupoW
two stamps with the words bleed 2012 and 2012 on them, one has a green ribbon
Brandmoose: I will design custom professional logo for $15 on fiverr.com
a yellow and blue poster with the words great thinkers group on it's side
Great Thinkers Group
Great Thinkers Group on Behance