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Best 70 Sexy Thigh Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Girls: 2015

For girls wearing miniskirts and shorts, the best place to engrave tattoo is thigh. Sexy Thigh Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Girls are very wide but it's

A Stunning Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes | Byrdie UK

When I was younger, I used to envy people with colored eyes especially those with blue eyes. I thought my brown eyes were so boring, but now I& learned to embrace and love them!

5 exercises to eliminate the hard-to-lose fat between your thighs. Pinning for toning of the inner thigh not to achieve a thigh-gap.

A top NYC personal trainer has revealed that it is possible to get the supermodel-like gap between-the-thighs look without resorting to cosmetic procedures or extreme eating regimes. While targeted…

Some exercises target the inner thigh area and help tone the muscles there. The following are the top 5 supermodel exercises to get that luscious thigh gap.

I can get that too by photoshopping my inner thighs. :) idiots Workout Craze: 5 Supermodel Exercises to Get that Luscious Thigh Gap

The Girl and The Water - Made by Dawn - Hiker Top Pin Stripe Foam - $88

The Girl and The Water - made by dawn, hiker top, pin stripe foam, white, bikini