Koffiekoekies / coffee biscuits | Rainbow Cooking

Dutch Koffiekoekies / Coffee Cookies-with a coffee-fudge filling. These biscuits…

South African condensed milk biscuits (Kondensmelk koekies) | Rainbow Cooking

South African condensed milk biscuits (Kondensmelk koekies) Well-known in South-Africa. Similar to New Zealand condensed milk biscuits.

Pineapple Tart | Rainbow Cooking

Pineapple Passionfruit Tart: Ingredients 2 packets of passionfruit jelly (as substitute for pineapple jelly) 4 tablespoons of passionfruit pulp, optional cup ml) boiling water 1 x 250 gram packet of Tennis biscuits (or e

All Bran Beskuit (Rusks) | Rainbow Cooking

All Bran Beskuit (Rusks) using Kellogs All bran and buttermilk. I grew up with these rusks and their delish!

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks) | Rainbow Cooking

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks) in Beskuit (rusks) South African

Cape Brandy Pudding / Tipsy Tart / Brandewyntert / Tipsytert | Rainbow Cooking

Ingredients for small pudding to 8 portions, as shown in photo) Pudding 125 gram dates, stoned and chopped cup ml) boiling water teaspoon ml) bicarbonate of soda cup gram)

Custard slices (Vlaskywe) | Rainbow Cooking

Custard slices (Afrikaans & a very traditional treat in South Africa, are made by sandwiching thick custard between two layers of crispy crust, and adding a thin layer of icing to glaze the top.

Frikadelle (meat balls) in tomato, wine and onion sauce | Rainbow Cooking

Ingredients: 500 gram minced meat ½ large onion, grated 3 tablespoons dry oats 1 tablespoon ml) tomato puree 1 teaspoon ml) Worcester sauce 2 tablespoons ml) chutney 1 egg 1 clove of garl

Shortbread | Rainbow Cooking

A simple recipe for sweet and buttery Shortbread biscuits.

Old-Fashioned Soetkoekies recipe

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