CarolGraham Withers-Lancashire

CarolGraham Withers-Lancashire

CarolGraham Withers-Lancashire
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Elephant and baby elephant

Mommy's giving baby a stick. Baby might want more leaves after that little bit of leaves on a stick. Can baby hold the stick? Does baby know if mommy knows if baby can hold the stick or not?

Baby Elephants in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka..

Two baby elephants hug trunks Baby Elephants Orphanage in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

#mama and #baby #elephants

awesome tusks on this mother.she has a baby to care for. Help stop the poaching so she and her family can enjoy mud baths like this.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel built into volcanic rock, Cappadocia, Turkey

Gamirasu Cave Hotel built into volcanic rock, Cappadocia, Turkey. So very serene and looking out on the plains of cappadocia while having breakfast is the best start to a day

How cool

Bread box and dry produce storage in kitchen drawers. I think this is a cool food storage idea but we don't eat bread and never require that much root veggie storage.