South Africa

Elephant crush, Kruger National Park, South Africa ~~~ every once in a while they like to remind us just whose land it really belongs to.

Proudly South African

Today I am grateful to be South African, Proudly South African

Bakers Tennisbeskuitjie

A BAKERS TENNIS BISCUIT, the square coconut biscuit with a distinctive petal pattern thats a favorite of South Africans. Lexi Mills, who now lives in London, says she and other South African expat crave them all the time: thedisplacednatio.

Nando's Controversial Diversity Ad - It's smart, funny and about 2 years too flippen late if you ask me. Still, it's the #1 watched vid in SA by a billion miles, even with our dear SABC refusing to air it. So whether it's relevant or not, it's still doing what ads are supposed to - get your attention.

This banned Nando’s ad perfectly sums up how ridiculous the xenophobic attacks are

Only in Africa! (only in africa, funny africa) - ODDEE

Only in Africa

11 pictures of this things that can only happen in Africa! (only in africa, funny africa)


Domestic Pet Control - South African Style This is such a cute & unique photo! They will normally carry their baby this way.

Only in south africa

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