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a white vase with pink flowers on it and the words diy teacup gnome
How To Make A Teacup Gnome
How To Make A Teacup Gnome —
an acrylic painting of a gnome holding a coffee cup with the words but first coffee on it
Learn to create Casey K HQ's adorable Gnomes with simple Techniques
three different types of vases with flowers and butterflies on them, one is made out of
Butterfly Gnome Pattern for a Cute DIY Spring Gnome in a Wheelbarrow!
Make this jaw-dropping butterfly gnome for Spring with just your hot glue gun! There is no sewing in this gnome pattern and is made with easy to find materials like fleece, fill, and pre-made butterflies. This is a quick craft and is a perfect tiered tray gnome. Click to get the gnome pattern and so many more ideas for gnomes!
DIY Dollar tree Spring Gnome
Difficulty: Easy Tools • Socks • Wooden beads • Rubber bands • Paints • Paint brush • Faux fur (Amazon) • Mini flower pots • Scissors • Flowers (Amazon) • Tacky glue
an easy diy teacup gnome sitting on top of a saucer with flowers
DIY Teacup Gnomes
a close up of a toy wearing a hat with feathers on it's head
Cute little gnome on a vintage bed spring
Easy Gnome Ornaments
a pink hat with white feathers on top of a wooden table next to a wall
someone is using a hair dryer to cut the ends of gray hair and put it in a container
These DIY Gnomes with Flower Pot Hats are an Adorable Gnome!
a pair of shoes that are cut out and placed on top of a fur rug
a close up of a stuffed animal on a table
a bunch of hair clips sitting on top of a table
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