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Carmen Loubser

Cape Town, South Africa / Interested in creativity, humor and how the world works
Carmen Loubser
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Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration | #985

Maybe a fun idea for the kid living room Voor onze studio Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt van der Eems ! :) Inside the Studio: Behind the big red curtain at CBX NYC with Rick Barrack - The Dieline -

Paleta de color de verde. PARECE fresco y nuevo

Indoor Display: Example colour pallet (with the addition of white). Lime green/yellow, white and steel grey where the brand colours for the previously named Challenger TAFE WA.

Green to light grey

Find the Palettes you Love - cool website for finding color palettes that really work well together. I love these colors.


Can't decide what I love more! The cats or the palettes? Catsparella: Pussycat Inspired Paint Palettes - Living or Master

Color Palettes

This one is lacking the pink and adds aqua instead. It's still a grey with purple tint on the walls, and can easily be accented with more aqua and green than the other purples, but for a girl's room, it might be nice!

Colour Pallet to pillow.  This just happens to match baby Eddys room!!

Inspiration ---> Colors for baby girl---blossom hues-- so pretty! Love the green and the blue especially. I take these, import them into PSP and use the color picker to grab the color. You can save the swatches, too. Should work in PS and PSE.

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Granny smith apple and cabbage smoothie red cabbage 1 Granny 15 cl of apple juice organic 10 cl of cream fluid whole tsp salt (celery normally) 1 pinch of Espelette pepper For the decoration: Radish sprouts Granny apple slices