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a rock with a snail painted on it next to some rocks and flowers in the background
Best 20+ Mosaic Rocks ideas on Pinterest | Mosaic ideas, Mosaic garden art and Mosaic
a wooden chair with a patchwork quilt on it
Mom crocheted a cover for her chair by using granny squares. Gave the chair a new look!
the bathroom is decorated with colorful flowers and decorative glass panels on the wall, along with a toilet
a bicycle with flowers on the front is painted in white and has blue, green, yellow, red, orange and black colors
Solange Piffer Mosaicos
A collaborative mosaic and creative re-use project to put a smile on your face. #bicycle #mosaic #art
a blue and orange bird sitting on top of a white plate with red berries in it
Pássaro. Mosaic mandala with gorgeous bird!
a pathway made out of rocks with colorful tiles on the ground and flowers painted on it
Mosaic Stepping Stones
three colorful birds sitting on a branch made out of broken glass mosaics and paint
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a blue door is on the side of a white house with flowers and plants in pots
Mosaic Steps - front path
a black and white drawing of three dragonflies
Two Black And White Dragonflies With Sectioned Bodies, Curving In Opposite Directions Posters, Art Prints by - Interior Wall Decor #34203
Dragonfly Design 5
a rock with a lizard painted on it
Learn How To Mosaic a Rock with Australia's Best Mosaic Supplier
mosaic gecko on rock
a piece of art that has been made to look like a flower with blue and white petals
a flower pot sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bookshelf
a mosaic vase with flowers on it sitting on a black cloth covered table next to a white wall
Big mosaic pot - WIP 3
Big mosaic pot - WIP 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!