Sweet potato pancakes recipe

These sweet potato pancakes won& disappoint! Full of deliciously rich, smooth flavours, they make a wonderfully different breakfast dish.

Cinnamon rusks recipe

Cinnamon rusks are a sweetly spiced twist on a South African staple.

Banana bread with biltong butter recipes

A recipe straight from Grandma& collection - banana bread with biltong butter. It makes for a modern marriage of two classics.

The Cellars daily bread recipe

Give us today our Cellars daily bread. Because there's nothing quite like a freshly baked bread with a spread of melting butter.

Coconut and banana loaf with coconut jam recipe

Coconut and banana loaf with coconut jam recipe - F&HE Magazine

Soda bread recipe - Food and Home Entertaining Magazine

The beauty of soda bread, and surely one of the reasons it's been so popular for centuries, is that it's relatively quick to make.

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