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That South African classic, bobotie, in new guise – as mini phylo-bobotie pies. Another Melkkos and Merlot recipe.

Ingredients 1 cup ml) flour 1 cup ml) coconut 1 cup ml) oats (grind it fine in liquidizer) 1 cup ml) sugar 125 gram butter 1 egg 1 tablespoon ml) golden syrup 1 teaspoon ml

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I reserve the use of my microwave oven strictly for warming up milk and melting butter. Today I broke the rules and cranked it up for a full 12 minutes to make this Vanilla Fudge. Me, living on the edge. Read more.

Mushroom Moussaka recipe | All4Recipes

Delicately flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with cheese sauce, a delicious option for dinner!

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Courgette Rosti recipe | All4Recipes

Courgette Rosti recipe | All4Recipes

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Volg my kannie-flop reëls vir perfekte resultate elke keer, of jy nou klein skuimpies maak of 'n groot Pavlova.

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Yorkshire Puddings recipe | All4Recipes