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two pamphlets with pictures of farm animals in the background and text describing what they are
What’s the difference between farmers and ranchers?
an aerial view of a circular structure in the middle of a dirt field with trees
Permanent Cattle Yards - Commander Agriculture
Cattle yards to hold around 350 head at Boyup Brook. Features include: Cattle draft pound, concrete work areas, roof over crush, table type calf cradle, 4.8m ramp with a side walk. It is also 100% Australian made with Australian steel.
three different types of cattle pens with numbers on the top and bottom, one in yellow
Cattle Archives - Norton Livestock Handling Solutions
My dream, a horse, a four-wheeler the only thing that could make it better is a truck and a family Outdoor, Home, Cheval, House, Caballos, Arquitetura, Life, Country House
What to do in the LK George Area – Romeo & Giulietta's Hideaway Inn
My dream, a horse, a four-wheeler the only thing that could make it better is a truck and a family
there is no such thing as daddy s money he taught you to take care of yourself
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Country Quotes / Love it! Like no one understands anymore! Everyone just gets stuff handed to them
a field with clouds in the sky and a quote from george washington on it that says, i'd rather be on my farm than emperor of the world
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I'd rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world - George Washington
a person sitting in the grass with a hat on their head and text that reads, this world could use more yes sir and no mam and less swag and yoo
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a motorcycle that is in the dirt with a quote on it saying i'm not a tombboy, but i'm not a girl
a country road with the words, i have come to realize i would rather live on
But was there ever any question? I almost leapt out of my seat thinking of you because of this!
two girls are playing with a frisbee in the grass and one girl is reaching for it
Pinterest : @MazLyons I L❤VE & appreciate my childhood, living on the farm & being one of the only girls in the whole area, let alone my family, it humbled me & let me appreciate & love the land & not being afraid to explore & give things a go!
a wall decal with the words country girls don't treat they just reload
Don't Retreat Just Reload | Female Version Decal | Vinyl Wall Lettering
Vinyl Wall Lettering Girls Don't Retreat They Just Reload Quote Decal
Then I suspect I'M a keeper!  ;o) Hunting Quotes, Country Jokes
Then I suspect I'M a keeper! ;o)