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Playroom Rules The latest in home decorating. Beautiful wall vinyl decals, that are simple to apply, are a great accent piece for any room, come in an array of colors, and are a cheap alternative to a

My daughter who has 3 children ages 3 mo, 1 yr old and a yr old, bought 3 metal flower boxes and put them in the laundry room. They are the right height for the toddlers to put put their shoes away as soon as they enter thru the garage.

Are you wanting to know why you should meditate? There's many reasons and this article by The Office Caveman will tell you the affect it has on your body.

Meditation does some incredible things for the body. Check some of them out in this amazing mediation infographic we're sharing from Health Perch.

Infographic: How To Take the Perfect Selfie by Preston Nelson, via Behance

Sidebar 3 Selfies are extremly popular right now, this would be intresting to include the variations and techniques people apply when taking them. We could aquire this by interviewing a few people.