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a yellow door with ornate iron work on the front and side doors, in an old building
A Slice of Bliss
yellow door
an old building with a red door and window
Old Doorway
Mexico Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples www.cookiesinbloom.com www.hannahscaramelapples.com
an orange and white photo with the words instagramm on it's screen
Rose Retreat
San Diego, California
an old stone building with steps leading up to it and trees in the background on a snowy day
I am just half expecting the phantom to walk into the picture with a rose that has a black ribbon on its stem.<3
an arched window in a stone building with autumn foliage seen through the window panes
Beautiful Architecture!
Gothic arch...definitely one of my very favorite things in life are arches!! Love love love them anywhere, any size, any color...well, you get the picture!
an empty room with arches and trees in the center, surrounded by concrete pillars on either side
A Sculptor’s Labyrinthine Home, Still a Work in Progress
Looking to build the home of his dreams, Catalan artist Xavier Corberó began acquiring land outside his native Barcelona in 1968. Today, he has a home that is some 48,000 square feet spread over nine interconnected buildings with about a dozen courtyards—all nestled among more than 300 archways. And he is still building.
an outdoor area with concrete structures and trees in the background
“If You Get The Scale Right, Space Stops Being Space to Become...
this reminds me of wood block concept....interior architecture playhouse....Xavier Corbejo | Phuktal Monastery, India