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Carlien Grobler

Carlien Grobler
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Cheese Grater Kitchen Lamp - Interesting yet simple lighting idea for the kitchen

These lights are a creative DIY idea for unique lighting in the kitchen! If you don't have cheese graters, maybe pick a different appliance? Lighting/ Unique/ Creative lighting/ Design/ Home decor

I love this recycling idea, and found it st the perfect time b/c I really want to plant some catnip and car grass for Miss Purrilla

Art Well, bust my britches! and I thought I was creative.check this out! Tuna Can+Clothespins+Small Votive candle. You could spray paint the clothespins too. creative-for-the-home

Beginner Pony Plushie Tutorial. OMG... Kaiya would LOVE this! She already has Pinkie Pie that I bought from Target and won't let go of it... Now I can make them all!!!!

Page two of the simple, beginner's pattern to make a My Little Pony plushie. Page one: [link] Tutorial: [link] Beginner Pony Plushie Pattern 2

Maiko Nagao - diy, craft, fashion + design blog: DIY: T-shirt headband

New way to wear a head scarf! DIY Head Scarf - Wrap the scarf around your head with the middle of the scarf at the nape of your neck Twist the two ends around eachother once Wrap the scarf back down to the bottom of your head and knot with a bow!

Painted rocks--so fun! Buy a big bag of rocks at Home Depot, and then rinse them under water quickly and let them dry in the sun.  To prep them, paint the tops with white house paint.   The rocks are porous and you could spend all day trying to cover them with regular craft paint.  Once the first coat of white paint is dry, they will be ready to paint.

ROCK GARDEN WITH THE KIDS .Painted Rocks you need to paint with white house paint. Then they are ready for acrylic. I could not figure out why my rock letters peeled off.