Carla van Straten

Carla van Straten

Carla van Straten
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The girl in the grocery...lovely Russian model Sveta Utkina

Last week I got my hair cut short. Not quite this short, but close. I cant do braids anymore so Im looking for cute ways to style short hair. i-love-hair-make-up-and-bein-a-girl

If I was ever brace, hair.

My hair wasn't very long yet so I made it into a feminine looking wave. With the make-up, earrings, and those pouty red lips, my boyfriend makes an adorable gurl.

#natalie she is so beautiful and soooo smart and sooooooo talented. I just want to be her.

This is the magnificent Natalie Portman. Probably taken after her infamous buzzcut for "V is for Vendetta." No woman ever looked better with short hair

Natalie Portman

Natalie - it's photos like these that make me want a pixie cut, though I'm smart enough to know I totally couldn't pull it off.