Durban, South Africa.  Stunning.

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: Durban on South Africa's Riviera is blessed with golden beaches and warm waters.

Amazing Snaps: Roman Baths in Bath, England | See more

The ULTIMATE bath experience! Roman Baths in Bath which is in South West England! sitasays: “ Roman Baths in Bath which is in South West England. Learn more at.

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Autumn in Western Cape, South Africa. The Western Cape is a South African province with coasts bordering the Indian and Atlantic oceans. It's known for the port city of Cape Town, set beneath Table Mountain, part of a national park of the same name.

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South Africa, produced the most amazing man I've ever met who just happens to also be my partner.

Bathe, England

Bath, England - the so called waters taste foul but there are loads of great museums and Georgian houses to see. Well worth a visit.