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Carla Barberini
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My Son's First Communion Banner

Come check out some First Communion Banner examples from my parish to gain inspiration for helping your child as they prepare for their First Holy Communion!

Tips For Taking Care Of Children Who Have ADHD - Infographic

The ADHD in Children Infographic gives some useful tips for parents as well as teachers in order to better understand how to manage children with ADHD.

Even though my child does not have this, it's goo to read for tips. I like the idea of immediate reinforcements rather than working towards long term prizes which is what I have tried and realised does not work well!! My little girl has a huge personality and I just think if I keep feeding it with new things it will help her

Some children with ADHD display impulsive symptoms like extreme impatience, a low frustration tolerance, or even no regard for consequences. Turn to this learning disorder infographic from Brain Balance New Jersey to learn more about ADHD.