Pink Protea flower by Leah-Anne Thompson

Pink Protea Proteaceae Flower Greeting Card for Sale by Leah-Anne Thompson

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Name: Protea Cynaroides; Nickname: King Protea, Giant Protea, Honeypot, King Sugarbush; Fragrance: None; Ego Maniac: This flower has the biggest head of it’s genus; Hometown: National flower of South Africa; Superpower: Can withstand fires due to its thick underground stem which contains lots of new buds; This would make an awesome bridal bouquet as a single stem!

King Protea, Giant Protea, Honeypot, King Sugarbush ~KJ~ The gardening department at The Park had dozens of varieties of Protea's.

Pink Duke #CaGrown #AmericanGrown

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Protea cynaroides (King sugarbush, King protea)

The King protea, Protea cynaroides, flowering in early autumn on Pilaarkop in the Riviersonderend Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa.