Meanwhile on the set of Once Upon a Time...

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Ian Somerhalder

OP: "Ian Somerhalder Ok, I don't even like cats but this guy is perfect. He's gorgeous AND he loves animals!" Well, he seems to love cats.

Tom Hiddleston. One his best picture. Love that smile..

One of his best pictures. Love that smile. He always looks genuinely happy. Tom Hiddleson, everyone.

Colin O'Donoghue

Gorgeous: Captain Hook (Killian Jones) played by Colin O'Donoghue


Ian Somerhalder yess yess i will kiss you

Mmmmmmmm ... Adam Levine

Because of Adam Levine I now find some tattoos on men sexy. ON SOME MEN!) actually very rare, maybe it's him not the tattoos lol

Made in America Hart Schaffner Marx

The blue shirt, black polka dot tie, wool gray sweater vest and pants, and blue plaid jacket. Maybe different colors on the jacket.


Balthazar - I have seen such madness in men. I have seen the monsters that lurk under our skin and I have dabbled in insanity.

Classic way

looking sharp in dark jean-suit / men fashion


Like this cable knit brown sweater, awesome wool men's coat, and fingerless gloves. Not a fan of the pants tho.