Lessons for teaching non-fiction (information) in the elementary school library or classroom
28 Pins
a diagram with three different words in the middle and one that says, what did the author think i already knew?
Critical questions students should ask when reading nonfiction
the thinking about non - fiction choice board is shown in this black and white poster
The Curious Apple: Differentiated Instruction
this is an informational writing activity for kids to learn how to write and draw
Bears, Bears, Bears
Informational writing graphic organizer: this format might be useful in the science journal of a younger student
One Stop Teacher Shop blogs about using Fun Facts in the classroom to promote Non-Fiction Reading!  FREEBIE included! Reading Websites For Kids, Clever Classroom Ideas, Reading Websites, Nonfiction Activities, Websites For Kids, Improve Reading Comprehension, Fun Fact Friday, Clever Classroom
One Stop Teacher Shop blogs about using Fun Facts in the classroom to promote Non-Fiction Reading! FREEBIE included!
a purple bulletin board with books on it and words written in cursive writing
How-To Books at the Library
Good idea to promote non-fiction. Maybe involve students in making sample to include in the display.
a graphic diagram with the words responding to non fiction
Informational Literacy Unit
Responding to Non-Fiction printable
a bulletin board with different types of text and pictures on the back wall, along with two signs that read ways to respond to a non - fiction text
Scholastic posted this on FB. I love it's simplicity.
a book with pictures of children smiling and the title whose smiles? homemade class photo book
Whose Smile? Homemade Preschool Photo Book
Whose Smile? Homemade Photo Book. This could go with the book, "Whose Tail is This?"
an animal organizer for students to help them learn how to use animals in the classroom
Cereal Box Literacy
Cereal Box Nonfiction - great graphic organizers for students to use when "reading" a cereal box! What a fun way to learn more about nonfiction or a great way to create a unique center. Free from The Curriculum Corner.
a group of people standing around a table
Textmapping: Worth the Work! (Teaching Nonfiction Text Features)
Textmapping: Worth the Work! (Teaching Nonfiction Text Features) - scavenger hunt
a paper with writing on it that says, my 3 - 2 - 1 my nonfiction notes
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher
a black and white image of a map with words on it, including the text box
Text Feature Bingo
Text Feature Bingo {FREE} Work in pairs to find these features!
the ten rules for non - fiction activities for kids to use in their own books
10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids
10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids!
a book with the words my non fiction text feature notebook written in black and white
Nonfiction Text Feature Notebook
This notebook will take a few sessions in the library to complete, but this freebie does allow students to engage in=depth with one or more informational texts.
an information poster about the planets and their names
Non-Fiction Text Features Posters
Cute and colorful Non-Fiction Text Features Posters...FREE!