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an image of someone holding a jar of honey on their facebook page with the caption's name below it
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Bees are so interesting!! Print this off in a 5x7 and put on table at farmers market!
a man in overalls and a blue hat is using a tool to cut wood
Bee Lining: The Oldtimers' Way to Find… | Summer 2010 | A
Bee Lining: The Oldtimers’ Way to Find Wild Beehives -THIS IS SOOOO INTERESTING!...... and a real "Art" I'm sure.
how to filler raw beeswax on wax paper with the words, how to fill
How To Filter Raw Beeswax For Candle Making
If you're lucky enough to know a local beekeeper, you may be able to pick up some raw, honey-scented beeswax with for a good price. Here's how to filter it for candle making and other purposes.
a beehive sitting on top of a wooden platform with a bottle in it
Attracting swarms to get free bees
Attracting swarms to get free bees - Corujas Blog
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Organic Treatment for Varroa Mites - The Warré Store-Providing the highest quality beekeeping supplies and support to help the hobbyist beekeeper succeed