Cape Town, South Africa

Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa They don’t mess around with names in Cape Town. Boulders Beach is what it says on the can – a beach made up of inlets between big granite boulders. Look out for the penguins.

Cape Town Love

Cape Town Love

Old Biscuit Mill // Woodstock Market 375 Albert Rd // Woodstock // Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

View of Cape Town, Greenpoint Stadium, venue for de proposed 2010 World Cup Stadium. Lion's Head n Table Mountain in de background_ South Africa

Cape town

URBAN RENEWAL Despite alarming income inequality, South Africans are enthusiastic about the good life. The Victorian buildings of Cape Town’s Long Street are full of restaurants, bookstores, and arsty boutiques.

Chapman's peak drive. Cape Town Africa

Chapman's Peak Drive has some of the most scenic twists & turns in South Africa! I loved this - no longer open :(

Cape Winelands -- South Africa

Walk in the beautiful Cape Winelands and call in at a winery for tastings - South Africa, Cape & Garden Route

Cape Town, South Africa - Elaine Turner Resort 2013 inspiration

Colourful combinations in Cape Town's Bokaap district and an old VW Beetle…