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Climatic trends

Graphics informed by the Copenhagen Diagnosis, a major climate change report released on November

Chart of various energy availability

"Comparing finite and renewable planetary energy reserves (Terawatt‐years). Total recoverable reserves are shown for the finite resources. Yearly potential is shown for the renewables.

Subsidies - dirty energy vs renewables

About Renewable Energy

german renewable electricity generation chart

How Renewable Electricity Generation in Germany Has Changed (Chart & Statistics)

projected cost drops in wind due to innovations

projected cost drops in wind due to innovations

Price of PV in Germany till Oktober 2012

About Renewable Energy

Solar nuclear crossover occurred in 2009

Renewable Energy Passed Up Nuclear in The natural disasters and nuclear catastrophe in Japan occurred very coincidentally right around the time of this crossover, and it is likely to speed renewable past nuclear much faster.

Renewable Energy 2013 - Where is Africa on this chart??

A new report from the United Nations and Bloomberg shows renewables such as wind and solar are gaining market share globally despite a decline in investments between 2012 and The reason: Solar is getting cheaper.

By restoring communication between a cell’s mitochondria  - Aging reversed in mice

Mitochondrial Mystery Investigating cells’ power packs fuels understanding of rare, and common, diseases How our cells’ power packs drink up calcium may unlock secrets of rare, and common, disea

Crees' brightest LED April 2014 XLamp XB-H LED 500 lumens at 1.5A

New Cree High-Density Discrete LED Delivers Industry's Highest Performance