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My journey into my newly found passion PHOTOGRAPHY. Hopefully the pictures I take will get better as I become more experienced and work through my course. watch…
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a chalkboard with the words how i do my bump boards written in pink on it
For bump updates during a pregnancy. 1. Take photo with a blank chalkboard. 2. 3. Decorate! Beautiful boards every time. I NEED to remember this when I'm pregnant. This can also be used to do monthly updates on the baby after it's born.
a baby sitting on the ground surrounded by leaves
50 Examples of Cute Baby Photography | Art and Design
a woman laying on the ground with blocks spelling out love and a dog lying behind her
Maternity photo with dog
This Is absolutely adorable!
some people are posing for pictures with their children and the words, how to fix them
Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips | Creative Inspiration
12 Common Posing Mistakes and How to Fix Them. Awesome #photography tips by Jean Smith for #posing
a series of photoshopped images showing different types of people's body shapes
Portrait photography how to: 14 tips for getting your best ever people shots
Posing Tips for photos
a group of people sitting around each other on top of a wooden floor next to christmas decorations
Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips | Creative Inspiration
5 Steps to Creating a Dazzling Christmas Set for Mini Photography Sessions
a poster with the words what to wear in family pictures by color 100 ideas
What to Wear in Family Pictures by Color | Kristen Duke
Tips and Ideas on how to chose your outfits for family photos - What to Wear in Family Pictures by
an image of clothes that are in different colors and sizes, with the words taryn written is Expired or Suspended.
Fall 2011 color palette for family portraits
a large poster with many different types of clothes
Family photo color schemes
two newborn babies are cuddling in a heart - shaped blanket on top of each other
Why do twins have all the cutest newborn photos? lol
balloons and streamers are on the floor in front of a wall with confetti
55 Awesome DIY Photography Backdrops |
55 Awesome DIY Photography Backdrops by