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Illusionist and stunt performer Harry Houdini was famously capable of holding his breath for over three minutes. But today, competitive breath-hold divers can squeeze ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes out of a single lungful of air. How do these divers do it — and how can you train to hold your breath for longer?

The Secret to Holding Your Breath for 20 Minutes: Static apnea - a competitive discipline in the sport of freediving in which a person holds his or her breath underwater, without moving, for as long as possible.

Bluue Space — An incredible day of diving with a friendly...

Bluue Space — An incredible day of diving with a friendly.


Abyssinian Cat the cat with an impressive and decent personality.These cats are also related to Egypt as paintings tells us about their existence there.These cats are medium to large sized cats and are alert and playful.They are very much people pleasing


Jake Gyllenhaal Photos Photos - Jake Gyllenhaal attends the Raf Simons front row during NYFW: Men's July 2017 on July 2017 in New York City.


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"Cursed Wolf" was featured in AdBuster Magazine's March-April 2014 issue, "Blueprint for a New World, Part Psycho". A quick vent-painting done last n.

Love these quirky sculptures and plates

Altered Antique Plates, Assemblage Sculptures and Mixed Media Portraits by Angela Rossi

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“Aliens” for Dark Horse Comics Aliens variant cover I did for Dark Horse’s Life and Death series.