#3. Quiche Toast Cups (Looks so fun to make!) -- 30 Super Fun Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For

30+ Super Fun Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For (easy recipes for kids & adults!)

Healthy Caramelized Nuts- No oven needed (made stovetop!) and 100% sugar free- A guilt free snack, gift or dessert! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}- thebigmansworld.com

Sugar Free Caramelized Nuts- A sugar free caramelised nut recipe which takes less than 10 minutes and is gluten free, paleo and diabetic friendly!

3 Day Military Diet to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Day

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Stilte kan die grootste geraas maak. - Anna Pouw.

Desserts show off my weaknesses; I am not too clued up on how to make them and I can’t resist a bite even if I am full to the brim.


Mikrogolfkaaskoek: 1 blik kondens, 500 ml jog, wit sjok, geur en kleur met suurlemoensap of na keuse. Verkil uur in yskas, Gooi uit.

Cremora Tart Recipe from South Africa. Revisit this always popular retro South African dessert. This new version is fruity and covered in chocolate.

Fruit-Filled Cremora Tart

This fridged Cremora tart has long been a South African favourite, so we've simply added a delicious fruity Rhodes twist and coated it in chocolate.