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7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Will Give You Eyestrain (Infographic)

Standard D Computer Concepts Office safety eye strain Things You’re Doing At Your Desk That Will Give You Eyestrain (Info graphic)

Take this into consideration with your healthcare copywriting - 77 million U. adults have difficulty with common health tasks such as reading instructions on a prescription drug label

Health Information Technology: What’s in a Name?

How The Digital World Is Impacting Your Vision

Nearly of Americans get eye strain from reading on electronic devices. Here are 6 symptoms of eye strain and what you can do about them. National Eye Institute, NIH www.

Health administration is an area of medical care that deals with the demands of leadership administration, healthcare systems, and also hospital netwo

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15 Skills You Need to Land a Job in Healthcare Management. Case management is an in demand field!

14 design tricks for a highly productive workspace

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Digital health is the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society.

These Tips Help Relieve Digital Eye Strain