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Cameron Sparks

Cameron Sparks
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Tyler Walpole is raising funds for Blood of Dragons: Prelude on Kickstarter! An art book by Tyler Walpole, featuring paintings, sketches, and design notes from his new urban fantasy setting: Blood of Dragons!

Fire dragon by Vasylina on DeviantArt

Custom token for the trading card game "Magic the Gathering". Little-dragon

Clipart Of A Black And White Rose Flower 17 - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by Seamartini Graphics

Rose Tattoo: to represent how in order for things to grow they/it needs tlc. It will also represent my grandmother. It is a symbol used by many for love, forgiveness and beauty.

Kryptonian alphabet

"Kryptonian alphabet redone again." Are you telling me I have to learn a whole new alphabet system?<<< dang it, well gotta know the important languages!