Cameron Bartholomew

Cameron Bartholomew

Cameron Bartholomew
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AGAIN (for the people in the back): CORD ORGANIZATION!!!

How many time have your laptop cables, USB cords and gadget chargers gotten tangled, fallen behind your desk, or just gone missing? Solve all of these problems with this stylish, space-optimizing cable holder. Handmade from natural oak it is custom handcr

For discounts and campaigns, please visit Its made of 15x1mm copper pipe and bronze fittings carefully welded with tin and perfectly sealed with tow. The stop valves are high quality forged brass. As an option you can add a swivel spout for shower water jet. Tested and fully functional. Suited for kitchen or bathroom. Width: 200mm Depth: 280mm Height: 380mm Pipe Diameter: 15mm Dimensions for Fitting: 150mm inlet centers Pack Weight: 2.5kg

copper pipe bronze fittings welded tin perfectly sealed tow stop valves high quality forged brass swivel spout shower water jet tested fully functional

Amazing Rock Sculptures Perform Impossible Balancing Acts - My Modern Metropolis

^The art of sculptor Woods Davy is both inspired by nature and composed of natural elements. The artist, who lives and works in Venice, California, creates what he calls a sense of "Western Zen" with his gravity-defying rock sculptures. His Cantamar and G

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