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Caitlynn Hamalcik

Caitlynn Hamalcik
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100 Things to do over the summer. I love the simplest things- like dance in the rain and the puppet show.

100 Things to do this summer. Might just make it "summer idea's list" if I make it a checklist I will just do things to cross them off. This way if the kids say the dreaded "I'm booooored" I can say, "Let's look at the idea list" something like that.

Aaron Carpenter kissed me because his mom told him to and he was happy

I didn't get this but to me this is the best one: Taylor Cuddled me because he wanted ti and we made out!

Even someone I don't know

Got a suicide not texted to me from one if my dearest friends and told the police and got the message that's she's ok and is safe in the hospital rn god really does answer always help ur friends in need<<<You go person! BTW I didn't type that.