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Fun to watch (It's a gif so you need to follow the link to see the movement.)

I like the way this GIF appears to be coming towards you. I haven't come across many GIF's or animations that are of a character being forwards. The use of black and white indicates shadow and light very well.


James Neilson Rotoscoping exercise based on Nadia Micault’s Sonata. Reference footage taken from Personal Space by Altin Kaftira & Peter Leung.


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An illustrator working under the name Sparrows has created a series of animated GIFs that delight and intrigue. The artist says that she takes her name from her favorite poem A Ubiquity Of Sparrows by Craig Arnold.

“ Sasha Luss @ Women Management by Luigi & Daniele Iango for Exhibition Magazine ”

Might want to look at that second picture a little closer op. SashaLuss Unomatch hollywood celebrity fans like page

This happens every time XD my mom actually ran away screaming I was crazy in her pjs down the street at 4 i the morning because I was getting ready for school and she came into my room and asked what I was listening to I literally laughed my ass off XD