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Where procrastinators come to unite.

Where procrastinators come to unite. [ "Where procrastinators come to unite. [ \"How to avoid human interaction Funny Jokes, Quotes, Pictures, Video…\", \"Wh

Fun to watch (It's a gif so you need to follow the link to see the movement.)

I like the way this GIF appears to be coming towards you. I haven't come across many GIF's or animations that are of a character being forwards. The use of black and white indicates shadow and light very well.


jimneilson: “ Rotoscoping exercise based on Nadia Micault’s Sonata. Reference footage taken from Personal Space by Altin Kaftira & Peter Leung.


The Proper Way To Use A Handrail - was not expected (gif) it took me a couple of times to watch it to finally get how he was doing that

The Sky Under My Feet by on @DeviantArt

yuumei-art: Art - Rain It’s the rainy season again~I always loved the reflection of the sky against the wet pavement. It feels so nostalgic for some reason.