Coffee in Turkey

Coffee with dessert! Figured out the secret of the best Turkish coffee ever! - Just before the coffee boils, take off the foam with a tea spoon & put it into your cup. Then pour the boiling coffee over it.

Greetings from the Orient Express caffe aficionados

British Pullman table setting ~The British Pullman is a luxury, vintage day train that completes the British leg of Orient-Express journeys between Paris and London.

Bonjour caffé aficionadas! Greetings from Paris

the year abroad dream: this is how i imagined life in paris to be like, your own balcony, a fresh croissant, a hot cup of cafe au lait, taking in the early morning sounds & smells of the neighbourhood

Good morning Venice

Good Morning smile emoticon Coffee with a view in Venice, Italy

Greetings caffe aficionados from (Lake Tahoe)

I'll take my coffee with an incredible view - Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Greetings from Dubai

Arabic Coffee - it is so thick and strong that is served in tiny cups, one of which is seen in front of the pot. The coffee pot - symbol of hospitality

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