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sokosha in the forest after she's blessed by ezekiel (+book cover)

Wings Of Sorrow by Stanislav Istratov - I am a winged creature who is too rarely allowed to use its wings. Ecstasies do not occur often enough" -Anais Nin

19 Satirical Illustrations from John Holcroft Capture The Humor In Our Modern-Day Flaws

20 Satirical Illustrations That Capture The Humor In Our Modern-Day Flaws cool life drawing illustration ego humor social media

Execution of the butterfly - Christian Hopkins

Execution of the butterfly - Christian Hopkins. this image intrigues me, as his wings are made out of dead tree branches, suggesting that his wings are broken or dead. However trees grow back, suggesting that not all is lost,

I walk in the rain needing to cool off, I just had a very angry discussion with my 'boyfriend', he always made me upset but I couldn't get away. I start crying, but then something interrupts my sobs, a boy being pushed out of a front door falls in front of me. He is out cold, and if he stays in the rain much longer he'll die. I take him inside my house. (Open Rp for him)

This picture's tone is blue. By using the color blue, the picture is automatically associated with the attributes that are related to blue: grief, sadness, and passiveness.