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Matte nails are often paired with black color to get matte black nail design, somehow, you can also make cute matte nails this fall. Let's check out!

This is a very nice Trendy Nail Arts Design in nude or pastel colors with rhinestone or diamond or glitters , It gives sophisticated and luxurious looks in your nails. Its just enough glitz to have a stylish yet not overbearing nail art design.

Classic short square acrylic nails

For summer, we need shorter acrylics and simple nails designs. Here are some pretty short acrylic square nails ideas. Let's get fresh and clean for summer!

round acrylic nails art designs. Nails and photo by @shoesdogsandchocolate How fab are these ombré nails? Loving my new set. Pink to off white. Or, off white to pink.

Ombre nails might be fantastic match to your clothes or accessories. The brief oval nails will also prove good when you have brief nail beds. These cute pumpkin nails may appear a bit tricky but you’ll quickly see they are unbelievably simple to craft!