Tribal jewellery

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An old Amazigh (Berber) amulet necklace from Taroudant, Morocco with nine small silver amulet boxes with brass backings engraved with a floral design and enamel much of which has rubbed off'. by Nomadic Decorator

Antique Moroccan Berber Amulets+Silver Beads - Victoria Z Rivers Jewelry+Antique Moroccan Berber Amulets+Silver+Trade Beads + Coral by Nerica Ellerman

// You can enjoy life in a way most people don't. Contact me and let's talk : www. Very nice silver on original cord (private collection Linda Pastorino)

artafrica: Ethiopian by ann porteus, Sidewalk Tribal Gallery. A wall sculpture to storte and display jewelry.

Tribal Style,Cross Necklaces,Cross Over,Pendant Necklace,Ethnic

alaaddinsmagiclamp: “ african beads : clay spindle whorls - Mali A beautiful strand of Whorls from Mali showing some considerable artistry in their decoration.