James Laker

James Laker

I saw a star explode and send out the building blocks of the Universe. Other stars, other planets and eventually other life. A supernova! Creation itself! I was
James Laker
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Alien-Hunters series - by Alexander Boluzhenkov“Did some 3d... #DiscoverArt - http://wp.me/p6qjkV-4vv  #Art

Alien-Hunters series – by Alexander Boluzhenkov “Did some concepts during RobotPencil Mentorship with Anthony Jones. There are Mech Pilot and Heavy Machine Gunner guys.

Building a Robot With Human Touch

Robots still lack a critical element that will keep them from eclipsing most human capabilities anytime soon: a well-developed sense of touch.

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Is there life on Saturn's moon? | Space | EarthSky

Fountains of Saturn’s moon Enceladus backlit by the sun showing the fountain-like sources of the fine spray of material that towers over the south polar region.

Is there life on Saturn's moon? | Space | EarthSky

A form of chemical energy that can support life appears to exist on Saturn's moon Enceladus.

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Actress AZD Vinyl LP Actress, real name Darren Jordan Cunningham, known to friends as Daz, returns with a new album, now on Ninja Tune and a new music system