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there are two pictures side by side, one with a desk and the other with a chair
Office Pods
office pod
a gray chair with a white back and seat
Comfort Creations
a desk with a computer monitor, keyboard and chair on it next to a plant
Idea of the Week: Tiny Office Above the Stairs
Tiny Office Above Stairs - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia
a man is standing in front of some wooden storage boxes and shelves inside of a building
a house shaped like an office with a desk and chair in the corner, cut out from plywood
Account Suspended
Office Pod... How cool is that???
a round table with two stools in front of it
89 Innovative Office Designs
#TopsProducts loves these 90 Innovative Office Designs - From Garden Office Pods to Living Desk Gardens.
two people sitting at a small table in a cardboard booth with holes on the walls
Cellulose Meeting Pods by Paul Coundamy 4
a building that has some chairs on top of it and lights in the windows at night
Office Pods
Office Pod
a man sitting at a desk using a laptop computer in an office cubicle with people working on computers
Acoustic pod provides the perfect oppurtunity for quiet working in a busy office.
an office cubicle with two people working on computers
Quiet pod
the interior of a ski lodge with snow covered mountains in the background and red suitcases on the floor
Google quiet pods
a woman sitting at a desk in an egg shaped room with bookshelves and shelves
Egg-Shaped Enclosures
Egg-Shaped Enclosures
a person sitting at a table with a green cube on it
Workspace Privacy Accessories
Workspace Privacy Accessories